Surveillance is an essential tool for all branches of Law Enforcement. It is routinely needed to keep track of high crime areas (particularly known drug dealing locations), monitor fugitive hang-outs, or, increasingly, to enhance situational awareness during incidents or public gatherings.

The challenge, particularly for smaller agencies, is that tactical surveillance is expensive, both in terms of financial and manpower resources.

Physical stakeouts can be set up quickly, but require dedicated personnel. Video assisted surveillance is less resource intensive, but normally takes a long time to deploy with specialist personnel and equipment (bucket trucks, etc.). This reduces reaction times and often compromises covert operations.

Watchman’s Virtual Stakeout System is different. It is specifically designed by officers to meet the Covert Tactical Video Surveillance needs of agencies of all sizes, including rapid deployment by non-technical personnel, flexible equipment options and affordability. The system includes a Pole Mount Camera that can be mounted 20 feet up a lamppost or utility pole in less than 3 minutes and runs for up to 4 days on its built-in battery. Our in-car and indoor wall-mount cameras can be set up instantly. All the cameras immediately and securely connect over the provided cellular data service to a variety of viewer/recorders, from your personal cell phone or tablet to a complete multi-camera Mobile Command and Control Console.

Watchman’s Cyber Command and Control (C3) Incident Monitoring System is a rapidly deployed 4-camera system designed by SWAT officers specifically to Enhance Situational Awareness for Tactical Deployments. Each camera comes with pole, wall, window and vehicle mounting options. A large screen Mobile Command and Control Console is included for monitoring and recording multiple cameras and groups of cameras.

Watchman products were designed from the outset to be deployed and operated by non-technical officers and are priced to fit your operational, capital or discretionary budgets.

Due to the sensitive nature of our products you will need to Login or Register to view the cameras, detailed product specifications and pricing. Information on public pages has been redacted to avoid showing covert form factors.

Pole Camera Installed in Less than 3 Minutes?