Tactical Surveillance Made Simple

Watchman delivers tactical surveillance solutions that can be deployed by a single, non-technical officer in minutes.

The Watchman Virtual Stakeout System consists of one or more cameras in a covert enclosure and a viewer/recorder.

The covert enclosures are available in several form factors, including indoor, in-vehicle and an outdoor pole mounts that can be installed in minutes without specialist equipment. A portable Command and Control Console delivers multi-camera monitoring.

The Watchman C3 Incident Monitoring System consists of four tactical cameras with pole, vehicle, wall, rail and window mount options, an iPad-based MPDVR, and a portable Command and Control Console.

The cameras and Command Console are delivered in two Pelican cases suitable for deployment from a Command Vehicle or standard patrol car.

Our solutions are being used for:
• "Virtual stakeouts" of suspected drug manufacturing and distribution locations
• Cyber Command and Control and increased real time situational awareness for SWAT incidents
• Monitoring high graffiti areas, public spaces and other places or persons of interest
• Following-up informant tip-offs
• Crowd monitoring at public events (demonstrations, concerts, sports events, etc.)
Temporary expansion of existing surveillance systems
• Integrated Command and Control

......and anywhere rapidly-deployed, tactical surveillance can deliver additional "eyes on the street".

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