C3 IMS Product Catalog

Instantly Deployed, Tactical Surveillance Made Simple

The Watchman C3 Incident Monitoring System is available as a complete, pre-configured surveillance kit containing everything you need to deploy and be up and running as quickly as possible.

The C3 4-Camera Incident Monitoring System allows the rapid deployment of up to 4 battery-powered cameras to cover major incidents or public events. It consists of 4 pre-configured Tactical Cameras, each of which can be quickly deployed using the included Pole, Vehicle, Wall and Window Mount Kits, and a Mobile Command Console.

The cameras are securely viewable wherever the Internet is available, on standard mobile or PC equipment, including officers’ personal or standard issue smart phones and tablets.

The addition of the Watchman Mobile Command Console provides a large-screen viewing platform for multi-camera Command and Control of the entire system. The Command Console also comes with its own high-powered battery system, wireless keyboard, and 500GB SSD Hard Drive for multi-camera local recording. It is totally portable and can be readily operated from the back of a Patrol Car or in an integrated Mobile Command Post environment.

Any of the above kits can be augmented by purchasing additional cameras and PDVRs. Watchman will also be very pleased to quote for a completely customized solution to meet your precise application requirements.

C3 Incident Monitoring System
Item Qty Components Unit Price
4 C3 Multi-Mount Tactical Camera
● First month data service included Enclosure
● 1 x Multi-port charging station
● 1 x Ruggedized System carrying Case
Kit Price
1 C3-Flexible Mounting System
● 2 x Suction Cup Window/Vehicle Mounts
● 2 x Bungee Pole Mount Kits
● 1 x Telescoping Mounting Tool
● 2 x Bungee Pole Mount Kits
1 C3 IMS Tablet PDVR in rugged waterproof case
● 128GB memory card
● First month data service included
1 VSS Command Console
● 18 inch Tablet
- 500GB SSD Hard Drive
● Wireless, illuminated Keyboard & Touchpad
● 50,000mAh Battery System
● 10V and 12V power adapters/chargers
● Ruggedized Carrying Case
1 Multi-Mount Tactical camera $1,200
1 Additional C3 Flexible Mounting System $300
1 Additional Multi-View MPDVR (iPad Platform) $1,200
1 Additional Mobile Command Console $3,000
1 128 GB Memory Card $100
1 Additional Ruggedized 4-Camera Carrying Case $300
1 Additional Ruggedized Command Console Carrying Case $300

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